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Suitable for grades Prep – 6
• A fantastic resource for working on VERBS
• 29 pairs of magnetized photo fish
• Plastic fish pond
• 2 x fishing rods
• Plastic tackle box
Code: FAS555


TARGET GROUP: 4-10 years

Help your students who have executive function and communication disorders develop essential verbal reasoning and organizational skills. Because the materials in this manual do not rely upon reading, these activities can be used with your entire caseload, regardless of their reading ability.

Each of the 75 clearly drawn, humorous pictures is accompanied by a series of guided questions designed to help develop vital skills in four basic areas:

 •Inferential Reasoning

•Problem Solving

•Determining Causality


Code: 9864
Suitable for upper primary and secondary levels
Each book has 11 reading passages and comprehension questions for Main Idea & Details and Vocabulary & Semantics with a final group of questions targets the comprehension skill for each book.
Code: 1830
Suitable for Grades 1-5
Help students with Autism Spectrum Disorders or language/learning disabilities to understand a variety of different social situations. Instruction methods of explicit teaching, modelling, observation, role-playing and guided practice are used in this series to develop appropriate social skills required for successful social interactions.
Code: 1853
• 484 activity pages for: S/R/L (initial s/r/l blends), Z, SH, CH, TH, F, V, K, G, P, B, T, D, J, H, M, N and Y in initial, medial & final positions.
• 1,710 articulation word pictures
• Over 12,00 individual words, phrases & sentences
• Articulation Drill record form
• Progress chart
• Homework helper note
• Available as a book or on CD-ROM
Code: BK233
Test of Problem Solving Adolescent
Code: 4143
• Suitable for grades 2-8
• 63 social story cards targeting inferencing
• Students read or listen to the presented story and choose the answer that is most appropriate.
• 3 social areas targeted: personality, feelings and identification of appropriate/ inappropriate behaviour
• Comes with a decoder for students to check their answers with
Code: FD92
Suitable for ages 4-8
Teach the skill of asking good questions by incorporating “who, what, why, where, when” basic concepts, quantities, associations, colour associations, vocabulary words, and thinking skills. Twenty fun, three-page lessons have illustrations and questions provided. Easy to use! Great home practice! 60 reproducible activity pages.
Code: G789
Test of Adolescent and Adult Language, 4th Edition
Code: 12583
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