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Suitable for ages 5-8 Create a listening situation that captures the students’ attention. They like to listen because they want to find the correct picture. The method is to read statements that are true for all the pictures, until a certain statement is read that is only true for one picture. Students do not know when the identifying statement will occur; therefore, they must listen to every statement from the beginning to the end if they are to find the correct picture.
Code: G846
Need to work on adjectives? Then this is just what you need! 52 adjective–in-sentence cards.
Code: FD66
Suitable for Grades 4-8
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Continuing on from Spotlight Vocabulary Level 1, Vocabulary Level 2 provides opportunities for indepth practice and understanding of the relationships between words to boost vocabulary growth. Fun-filled, ready-to-use activities target antonyms, associations, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, word origins and roots, prefixes and suffixes.
Code: 2873
This pack contains 28 fun-filled concept pairs that target basic concepts understanding and following directions.
Code: FD58
Compound words are easier to learn with these 26 pairs. Students can put the two single words on card A to find the compound word on card B.
Code: FD26
Ready-to-Use Strategies and Activities for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities, 3rd Edition
This handbook is an excellent resource containing useful information, strategies and activities for working with students with learning disabilities. Special educators, classroom teachers and parents will find this a valuable tool for assisting students of all ages to learn effectively and reach their fullest potential.
Code: WX101
Suitable for ages 8 and up
Here you’ll find techniques, materials and activities to help students build classification and comparison skills as well as to enhance their comfort in approaching social situations!
This book takes the important mental operation, generalizing, from grouping foods all the way to comparing social events.
Code: CP043
Suitable for upper primary and secondary levels
Each book has 11 reading passages and comprehension questions for Main Idea & Details and Vocabulary & Semantics with a final group of questions targets the comprehension skill for each book.
Code: 1831
Each pack contains:
• Book and a CD-ROM
• Each book comes with 30 black & white artic pages (8 initial, 8 medial, 8 final & 6 carryover pages)
• CD-ROM contains same pages found in the work book. Pages can be printed in colour or black & white.
• CD-ROM also contains 6 “master” pages that allow you to customize the activities.
Code: BKAQ01
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