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Suitable for upper primary & secondary
We’ve put the Spotlight on specific reading comprehension skills to give your students more in‑depth practice.
Each book includes stories and comprehension questions for detecting the main idea, identifying details, and thinking about the vocabulary and semantics. In addition, each book includes comprehension questions for a specific skill area. Each book includes questions targeting the specific skill area.
Code: 2825
Suitable for ages 6-10
Students will solve the “mystery” of inferences when they discover that an inference is merely a hint about what a person means without the person actually saying it. As they complete the activities, they will realize how easy it is to “get the hint” about what people are suggesting, even when they do not say the exact words.
Code: G853
Suitable for Grades K-2
Improve expressive, receptive and social language skills as students discuss situations that happen before, during, and after school. Each card in this Fun Deck provides a colourful illustration and a basic or open-ended question. 56 total cards with game ideas.
Code: FD130
Suitable for Grades 6 to Adult
With this fantastic series, adolescents will master specific social skills by understanding different social perspectives. Instruction methods include explicit teaching, modelling, observation, discussion, roleplaying and guided practice. A pretest/posttest is also included.
Code: 2845


WH Questions Quick Take Along Mini-Book teaches students of all ages to ask and answer who, what, when, where, and why questions. This 65-page book includes a total of 600 prompts for three types of questions:

Personal WH Questions (Who is your best friend?)

General WH Questions (What do you bring to the beach?)

Factual WH Questions (When is Independence Day?)

Use the Personal and General WH Questions with younger students (PreK–5th grade) and the Factual Questions with older students (3rd grade and up).

This book also includes General and Factual WH Question reversals—the student listens to an answer and formulates a WH question. Possible answers appear next to all General and Factual prompts.

Code: TA910
Using Language Webs and Altered Auditory Input to Improve Comprehension (Levels 2 and 3)
• Suitable for lower primary
• Targets development of:
• Language-processing speed and efficiency
• 150 important concepts of time, space, condition, quantity, and quality
• Teaches how to identify the type of modifications needed for each child and how use this program accordingly
• Great resource for use with students who have difficulty processing or learning language; suitable for children with attention deficit disorders, central auditory processing disorders, autism, and cochlear implants.
Code: TPX17702
Suitable for grades 5 & up
“If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?” Improve your students’ generalizing skills for storytelling, syntax, writing, listening, humour, and pragmatics with The Question. Contains 200 houghtprovoking question cards, which cover topics in the area of daily living.
Code: TPX17401
Suitable for Grades 4-8
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Continuing on from Spotlight Vocabulary Level 1, Vocabulary Level 2 provides opportunities for indepth practice and understanding of the relationships between words to boost vocabulary growth. Fun-filled, ready-to-use activities target antonyms, associations, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, word origins and roots, prefixes and suffixes.
Code: 1874
56 cards to improve your students’ concentration, listening, memory skills and deductive reasoning. Read the 3 clues out and ask your students “What am I ?” Lot’s and lot’s of fun!
Code: FD81
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