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Suitable for upper primary and secondary levels
Fantastic books that work on reasoning & problem solving. Each book includes evidence-based rationales, CD-ROM of activity pages you can print from your computer, additional activities to help students master the skill and an answer answer key. Each book includes questions targeting the specific skill area.
Code: 1840
Suitable for Grades K-9
Everything the Speech Pathologist has ever needed to know about children’s voice disorders!
This comprehensive guide provides a holistic view of the voice therapy process for children. Covering all areas from assessment and treatment to evaluation, this resource will help clinicians to use an evidence-based approach for assessment and help design treatment sessions targeting a variety of vocal behaviours.
Features include:
• Long and short term goals and treatment objectives
• Reproducible forms and charts for data collection
• Sample treatment plans
• Word, phrase and sentence practice lists for various therapy techniques
• I nformation handouts for parents
Code: 2712
Suitable for Grades PreK-4
This resource allows students to improve grammar skills with fun cut and paste lessons that teach a broad range of grammatical structures including verb tense, comparatives, pronouns, present progressive and many more! Reproducible activities require minimal preparation, are in a hierarchy allowing therapists to control the complexity of activities and are suitable for individual students, groups or the classroom setting.
Code: 1149
Tell me how a cow and a horse are the same… how are they different? Telling similarities and differences is important for successful reading. Use the 52 cards to expand these skills.
Code: FD45
• P,B,T,D,M,J & Animal Pairs
• 288 pages of puzzles, mazes and more that target initial, medial and final sounds.
Code: BK292
Action Picture Test
• Assesses information content and grammatical use.
• Ages 3-8 years
Code: 0031962
28 match-up pairs of cards to help students learn vocabulary, concepts such as part/whole, categories, function, opposites, similarities and differences and verbal reasoning skills.
Code: ANC42
Ready-to-Use Reading/Study Skills Activities for Grades 5-12
Over 150 innovative, classroom-tested activities to help students develop the comprehension, organisational, and test-taking skills they need to master any subject area. Conveniently organised into 4 basic skills sections:
• Developing Reading Skills
• Developing Study Skills
• Locating Information Skills
• Presenting Information through Graphic Arts
Code: WX118
Suitable for Grades 1-3
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Unique, innovative learning books designed to help students learn and remember new vocabulary for spoken and written language. Each book is packed with reproducible pages, pre and post-tests, goals, objectives and answer keys for:
• Antonyms
• Associations
• Attributes
• Categories
• Synonyms
• Concepts
Six exciting books available.
Code: 2857
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