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Ready-To-Use Lessons And Activities That Make Grammar Fun!
Over 60, fun-filled, reproducible lessons begin with helpful teaching pages that define, explain, and illustrate grammar and usage. Lessons and activities include diagnostic tests, section-review activities, final tests, and over 100 other creative reinforcement activities. The book is divided into six sections:
• Parts of Speech
• Parts of a Sentence
• Sentences
• Usage
• Mechanics • Meeting the Tests Head-On
Code: WX116
120 story cards that focus on identifying the main idea in paragraphs. Two levels of difficulty. Level One cards are 3-4 sentences long. Level Two cards are 5-7 sentences long. Students use a decoder device to check their answers.
Code: FD82
Each pack contains:
• Book and a CD-ROM
• Each book comes with 30 black & white artic pages (8 initial, 8 medial, 8 final & 6 carryover pages)
• CD-ROM contains same pages found in the work book. Pages can be printed in colour or black & white.
• CD-ROM also contains 6 “master” pages that allow you to customize the activities.
Code: BKAQ08


Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Disruptive, Defiant, or Difficult Behaviours, Second Edition is for educators who work with students with challenging behaviours. Like the other titles in the PITRW series, this easy-to-use resource consists of two main components: a Practical Ideas Manual and an Evaluation Form.

The Grades 5–12 Manual has 35 practical intervention ideas, reproducible worksheets, examples, illustrations, and tips designed for easy implementation. A CD-ROM with all of the reproducible forms is provided along with the manual. 

Target Group: Grades 5 - 12

Code: 13430
Which tastes better, worms or pizza? Your students will enjoy describing, as they expand their vocabulary and story telling skills. There are 26 pairs of question/answer cards.
Code: FD23
• Six laminated photo games to improve social skills
• 12 games
• These six skills include Politeness, Solving Problems, Staying on Topic, Requesting Information, Initiating Conversation, and Feelings.
• Activity Booklet with reproducible social skills questions and homework sheets
Code: S0S62
Suitable for Grades 1-3
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Unique, innovative learning books designed to help students learn and remember new vocabulary for spoken and written language. Each book is packed with reproducible pages, pre and post-tests, goals, objectives and answer keys for:
• Antonyms
• Associations
• Attributes
• Categories
• Synonyms
• Concepts
Six exciting books available.
Code: 1862
• Helps develop discrimination & listening skills
• Targets words, phrase & sentence level
• Also works on vocabulary & grammar
• Auditory bombardment – 100 target words to improve sound awareness
• Minimal Pairs – ie. Tea/key; to improve auditory discrimination
• Minimal Par Definitions – improve understanding of word meanings.
Code: BK320
• Suitable for lower to upper primary
• Targets 100 irregular past tense verbs
• Students read a sentence and choose the correct fill-in-the-blank answer from the multiple choices. Then, they use the Super Duper® Secret Decoder to check their answers.
Code: FD104
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