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Contains 207 pages targeting articulation and language therapy by combining 20 popular children’s books with familiar themes. Themes worked on include Dinosaurs, Circus, Our Bodies, Seasons, Farm and Oceans. Each theme section contains:
• 27 Vocabulary picture cards.
• Vocabulary word list from the stories.
• Stories with language expansion activities (categorizing, defining, describing, sequencing, rhyming, and functions).
• Five illustrated articulation and language games.
• Sound-based worksheets.
• Hidden picture page/puzzle
Code: BK272

 This excellent proofreading game helps players look for mistakes in spelling, word usage, capitalization, and punctuation. With an easy-to-follow scoring system, this self-correcting game is great for any language arts program.

Code: CRE6296
56 Colourful cards that will target describing, categorizing and organizational skills. Students need to name the category that the pictures on the card belong to.
Code: FD79
Suitable for Grades PreK-3
Fun and engaging activities that target a wide range of speech and language skills including vocabulary, concepts, sequencing, verb tense, phonological awareness, ‘WH’ questions and cognitive skills. Activities in the book can be tailored to the needs of each student and can be used for individual or group therapy sessions. Lessons allow for a variety of goals to be targeted in one session.
Code: 1043
Test of Reading Comprehension, 4th Edition
Code: 9280
Suitable for grades 2-5
• 60 games in book that targets reading comprehension through main ideas, details, summarising & predicting.
• Book and bonus printable CD-ROM of the activity pages.
Code: BK349
This set is just what you need to work on emotions!
Contains 102 pairs of colour photo cards, 30 pairs of drawings and 4 mirrors.
Code: WFC264
• 20 Colourful game-boards introducing over 400 vocabulary words
• Covering areas such as Zoo Animals, Farm Animals, Toys, School Stuff, Numbers and Shapes, Fruits and Vegetables and Many More
Code: GB44

Help students build sentences with Sentence Building Fun Deck! Students use the cards to formulate simple, compound, and complex sentences. There are four levels of sentence prompts beginning with one word (noun or verb) and ending with four words (noun, verb, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, or connectors). Includes 56 illustrated cards, game and content cards.

Code: FD148
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