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Help your students understand the essential language concepts of before & after. Each air of cards show the event before and what happened after. 52 cards.
Code: FD35
Suitable for upper primary and secondary levels
Each book has 11 reading passages and comprehension questions for Main Idea & Details and Vocabulary & Semantics with a final group of questions targets the comprehension skill for each book.
Code: 1833
Each pack contains:
• Book and a CD-ROM
• Each book comes with 30 black & white artic pages (8 initial, 8 medial, 8 final & 6 carryover pages)
• CD-ROM contains same pages found in the work book. Pages can be printed in colour or black & white.
• CD-ROM also contains 6 “master” pages that allow you to customize the activities.
Code: BKAQ09
Suitable for Grades PreK-3
ALL-NEW lessons and activities to address nine more grammar skills! This resource doubles the teaching opportunities available in the original game with 900 new prompts for nine additional grammar structures. It requires no additional prep time, just use the game pieces, board, and the colourful illustrations on the cards from the original Grammar Gumballs. The 18 reproducible handouts target:
• Adjectives
• Adverbs
• Pronouns
• Prepositions
• And many more
Code: GB348
Use these 26 pairs of present tense/ irregular past tense verbs for teaching irregular verbs such as run/ran, catch/caught.
Code: FD30
• 235 pages that work on the sounds: S, R, L, SH, CH, TH, Blends, B, D, F, G, H, J, K, M, N, P, T, V, W, QU, TW, WH, X, Y & Z • Language forms covered: rhyming, pronouns, homonyms, verbs, plurals, synonyms, antonyms, comparatives & Wh questions.
Code: BK270
Test of Langauge Development – Intermediate, 4th Edition
Code: 12778
Suitable for ages 8-Adult
An outstanding and dependable resource of vocabulary exercises and strategies.
• Helps strengthen core vocabularies
• Helps students develop and apply vocabulary skills
• Offers practical, pick-up-and-use-now therapy
• Contains a range of tasks with stimulus items progressing in difficulty
• Can be presented as auditory tasks, written tasks, or both
• Makes vocabulary therapy classroom-relevant Your students and clients will expand word knowledge and learn to apply vocabulary skills in context with these great exercises. The hierarchy of tasks lets you see where breakdowns occur. Each page is a lesson with an IEP goal and ready-to-use exercises. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll cover:
• Identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
• Forming compound words
• Choosing correct definitions
• Matching words and definitions
• Defining with context clues
• Completing sentences with appropriate words
• Substituting synonyms in paragraphs
Code: 01613
• Fantastic photo picture cards targeting phonological awareness
• Combo pack includes 12 decks which target different areas
• Phonological awareness is an essential skill necessary for literacy development
• Each deck contains three levels of difficulty
• The combo includes:
> Discrimination Of Rhyming Words
> Production Of Rhyming Words
> Segmentation Of Words In Sentences
> Blending Syllables
> Segmentation Of Syllables
> Deletion Of Syllables
> Identification Of Phonemes
> Blending Of Phonemes
> Segmentation Of Phonemes
> Deletion Of Phonemes
> Addition Of Phonemes
> Manipulation Of Phonemes
Code: WPA99
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