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First you go to the sequencing Fun House; then you use your tokens in the Arcade; finally you become a Sequencing Superstar! This research-based software features 120 illustrated sequences for targeting comprehension and critical thinking. Start out with simple 2-step sequences and gradually progress to 6 steps!

HearBuilder Sequencing includes multiple levels of difficulty and 14 different settings variations to target the individual needs of each student. To play, students place events of an everyday activity in a logical order.

All you have to do is:

1.Choose a task—either Sequence Stories or Sequence Instructions.

2.Then choose to Show Pictures, Play Audio, and/or Show Text—Turn any of the options on or off to change your treatment goals.

3.Set the range of steps in a sequence (2–6 steps).

4.Click Play Game and ask each student to place the cards in the correct order.

Unlimited number of students. 

Code: HBPE499
Fantastic and popular fun deck, a must have if working on pragmatics. Will have you child responding appropriately in no time. Contains 52 cards.
Code: FD52
Suitable for Grades 6 to Adult
With this fantastic series, adolescents will master specific social skills by understanding different social perspectives. Instruction methods include explicit teaching, modelling, observation, discussion, roleplaying and guided practice. A pretest/posttest is also included.
Code: 2847


The Party Pups are having a party and everyone is invited… even Kitty! Your students will have a barking good time playing Party Pups while learning prepositions and creating phrases and sentences. (The dog is under the blanket.) Includes 24 prepositions with each preposition shown in three different contexts.

To play, students first choose a game board that has their favourite type of dog on it (poodle, bulldog, corgi, etc.) Then, players take turns choosing preposition cards, identifying the preposition on the cards, and using them in sentences. Players spin the electronic spinner and collect doggie treats which they place on their game boards. The player with the most doggie treats wins!

Prepositions include:

Above, across, after, around, at, before, behind, below, between, by, down, far, from, in, near, off, on, outside, over, through, to, under, up and with.

Includes 72 colour coded cards, 12 playing surfaces, 100 dog treat tokens, electronic spinner and instruction booklet.

Code: GB49
Suitable for ages 4-8
Provide a different approach in improving auditory attention and auditory processing! Students are required to listen attentively and to follow directions in working on illustrations that are divided into various categories. Two skills are coordinated. The students must remember the category information, such as; “all the things that are alive.” Each auditory direction will coordinate a specific direction with a specific characteristic of a category. Examples: “Put a green line under all foods that grow on trees.” “Put a purple circle around everything that can melt.”
Code: G811
19 sets of 3 cards focusing on rhymes. Your students will learn about rhyming and how individual sounds can change word meanings.
Code: FDF03
Suitable for Grades 4-8
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Continuing on from Spotlight Vocabulary Level 1, Vocabulary Level 2 provides opportunities for indepth practice and understanding of the relationships between words to boost vocabulary growth. Fun-filled, ready-to-use activities target antonyms, associations, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, word origins and roots, prefixes and suffixes.
Code: 1876
• Colourful photo cards
• Let your imagination run wild with this product line
• Sky is the limit on how you can use these cards
• All decks come with game ideas, just in case you get stuck!
62 pairs of photo cards.
Code: WFC02
Teach students to add “d” or “ed” to regular verbs to create past tense. 26 pairs of colourful cards.
Code: FD54
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