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• Suitable for upper primary & secondary
• Targets reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing skills
• The deck has 56 cards with three levels of difficulty.
• Level One- 3 Sentences with a 2nd-3rd grade readability level
• Level Two- 4 Sentences with a 4th-5th grade readability level
• Level Three- 5 Sentences with a 4th-5th grade readability level
• Students read the sentences, decide what the correct order should be, and use markers to sequence the sentences by number (1-5, depending on the sentence level). Answers are on back of card
Code: FD107
• 18 Laminated Games to practice using smooth, easy voices while travelling around the game boards
• Pawns and dice included
Code: GB84
Suitable for ages 4-10
Use this book to help those students who’d rather nod or shrug their shoulders, use single words, or wait for you to talk for them instead of...Talking in Sentences !
Over 50 syntax elements are presented on two pages, a picture page for the student and a guide page for teachers. Students become familiar with the same 14 characters who are shown throughout the book and named in the sentence targets. Teachers become comfortable using the same basic format for each lesson. Best of all, lessons result in students generating their own correctly formulated sentences!
Code: CP026
Suitable for upper primary & secondary
We’ve put the Spotlight on specific reading comprehension skills to give your students more in‑depth practice.
Each book includes stories and comprehension questions for detecting the main idea, identifying details, and thinking about the vocabulary and semantics. In addition, each book includes comprehension questions for a specific skill area. Each book includes questions targeting the specific skill area.
Code: 1825
• 216 hilarious articulation and language stories
• 3 initial, 3 medial and 3 final stories for the sounds S, R, L, CH, SH, TH, K, G, P, B, D, V, F, M, N & Z.
• 4 stories each for R/L/S blends in initial position
• Word – picture lists of earlier sounds for younger children
• Noun/verb/adjective word lists for the higher level sounds.
Code: BK294
• Suitable for grades K-4
• An exciting way to teach your students grammar
• Comes with book and bonus CD-ROM
• 60 hand games that will get your students interacting with each other and working in grammar in no time
Code: BK314
64 cards, each with a proverb and 3 answers to choose from. Students use a decoder device to check their answers. Your students will have so much fun while learning !
Code: FD85
Suitable for Grades PreK-3
Fun and engaging activities that target a wide range of speech and language skills including vocabulary, concepts, sequencing, verb tense, phonological awareness, ‘WH’ questions and cognitive skills. Activities in the book can be tailored to the needs of each student and can be used for individual or group therapy sessions. Lessons allow for a variety of goals to be targeted in one session.
Code: 2043
Test of Reading Comprehension, 4th Edition
Code: 9281
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