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26 pairs of happy face verbs simply illustrated for students who are distracted by busy backgrounds.
Code: FD36
Suitable for Grades 4-8
With all the fantastic interactive features of Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1, this CD-Rom extends to the higher level vocabulary skills of antonyms, associations, multiple-meaning words, synonyms, word origins and roots, prefixes and suffixes. 1500 new program items for students to enjoy!
Code: 6029

A Resource of Reproducible Worksheets Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult-2 is designed for the student who needs to build useful, meaningful vocabulary to succeed in everyday living. The author has developed the lessons for teenagers and adults who are reading at below-average levels. The vocabulary words included in these reproducible worksheets were originally submitted by students, who gathered them from newspapers and magazines that are accessible to most young adults. The students encountered these words but did not understand them.

Code: 10170
• This deck of 56 cards focuses on auditory association, word retrieval and discrimination skills; all which are crucial to language development
• Suitable for grades K-3
Code: FDA01
Suitable for Grades 1-5
Help students with Autism Spectrum Disorders or language/learning disabilities to understand a variety of different social situations. Instruction methods of explicit teaching, modelling, observation, role-playing and guided practice are used in this series to develop appropriate social skills required for successful social interactions.
Code: 2853
Suitable for ages: 6 - 11 years
Teach oral grammar skills with these ready-to-copy-anduse games. You get two games (lower and upper level) for each grammar skill. Great for individual therapy, small group instruction, even classroom teaching. Practice these grammar skills:
• noun/verb identification
• pronouns
• prepositions
• comparatives & superlatives
• is/are and has/have
• wh- questions
• interrogative reversal
• verb tenses
• adjectives and adverbs
• contractions
• negatives
• sentences & fragments
180 pages, reproducible game sheets and activities. Available as a Book or CD.
Code: 2025
Suitable for ages: 5 - 10 years
Your students will be “all ears” when they play these fun, fast-paced games. The newest edition to our 50 Quick Play series teaches listening skills divided into two levels. Clever game paths, game boards, card games, barrier games, and whole-body listening activities help you teach listening skills for:
• following directions
• absurdities
• concepts
• main idea
• emotions
• story comprehension
• oral grammar
• exclusion
• predicting
• auditory reception
• inferencing
• associations
• riddles
• paraphrasing
• phonological awareness
• details
• reasoning
Code: 2027
• 484 activity pages for: S/R/L (initial s/r/l blends), Z, SH, CH, TH, F, V, K, G, P, B, T, D, J, H, M, N and Y in initial, medial & final positions.
• 1,710 articulation word pictures
• Over 12,00 individual words, phrases & sentences
• Articulation Drill record form
• Progress chart
• Homework helper note
• Available as a book or on CD-ROM
Code: BKCD401
Suitable for Grades PreK-5
This reproducible book accompanies seven card decks. It has fun, illustrated worksheets for Animals; Around the Home; Clothing; Colours, Shapes, and Numbers; Food; Occupations; and Transportation. Target skills include listening, matching, questions and answers, comparing, following directions, what doesn’t belong, vocabulary building, and more! Includes:
• 448 vocabulary words and illustrations
• I ncludes Book and CD-ROM
• Copy from the book or print from the CD-ROM
Code: BK450
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