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Each pack contains:
• Book and a CD-ROM
• Each book comes with 30 black & white artic pages (8 initial, 8 medial, 8 final & 6 carryover pages)
• CD-ROM contains same pages found in the work book. Pages can be printed in colour or black & white.
• CD-ROM also contains 6 “master” pages that allow you to customize the activities.
Code: BKAQ12


Webber HearBuilderPhonological Awarenesshelps students improve their phonological awareness and auditory processing skills. Increase your students' awareness of words, syllables, and phonemes (sounds) with this step-by-step, evidence-based program. Students earn instruments and band members to form the rock band The Phonemix while learning to segment, blend, and manipulate sounds. The multiple levels of difficulty ensure that a student masters the task at one level before progressing to the next, higher level.

While using HearBuilder Phonological Awareness, students complete 160 levels that target 9 areas:

Sentence Segmentation                           Syllable Blending

Syllable Segmentation                              Rhyming

Phoneme Blending                                   Phoneme Segmentation & Identification

Phoneme Addition                                    Phoneme Deletion

Phoneme Manipulation

Code: HBPE255
134 large photo cards to stimulate story telling.
Code: WFC134
• Questions and Activities Book and CD-ROM
• To assist younger children with understanding correct social behaviour
• Includes social scenes, follow-up questions and activities
Code: BK312
Suitable for Grades 4-8
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Continuing on from Spotlight Vocabulary Level 1, Vocabulary Level 2 provides opportunities for indepth practice and understanding of the relationships between words to boost vocabulary growth. Fun-filled, ready-to-use activities target antonyms, associations, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, word origins and roots, prefixes and suffixes.
Code: 2871
• Lotto and bingo game to teach positional concepts such as in/out, over/under etc..
• 16 colour-coded playing surfaces (bingo on one side and lotto on the other)
• 80 pink foam Flamingo tokens • 32 pairs of cards (64 total), with 9 Flamingo characters
Code: BGO146
Compound words are easier to learn with these 26 pairs. Students can put the two single words on card A to find the compound word on card B.
Code: FD26
The fun path games and card games are ready to copy and play. Your students will stay engaged in the action and you’ll target all your vocabulary goals.
The first section of games targets younger students with theme-based vocabulary games. Themes include: animals, body parts and clothing, sports and recreation, space, senses, transportation, tools, occupations and seasons and weather.
The second section of games is for your older students and targets essential vocabulary skills, including: synonyms, antonyms, figurative language, context clues, multiple meanings, associations, attributes and abbreviations
Vocabulary is taken from the curriculum areas such as geography, technology, health, and the arts. 171 pages and reproducible activities.
Code: 01029


Join Recall Agents Kim and Joey to save MemoryTown from Dr. Forgetsit while practicing important auditory memory, closure, and comprehension skills. HearBuilder Auditory Memory teaches key strategies for remembering numbers, words, sentences, and stories. This research-based software includes five essential listening activities:

Memory for numbers (3–7 digits)

Memory for words (3–5 words organized by syllable)

Memory for details (1–4 details)

Auditory Closure (Sentence Completion)

Memory for WH Information (2–3 sentences/2–4 questions)

Each of the multi-level tasks in HearBuilder Auditory Memory takes your students on a different mission to foil the wacky plans of Dr. Forgetsit. The humorous and captivating adventures will keep your students motivated as they develop and strengthen their abilities to recall verbal information.

Code: HBHE366
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