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51 imagination-filled cards which target auditory memory skills.
Code: FD53
Arrange these 3-card combos as you increase your grammar, vocabulary, and word use skills. 18 sets (54 cards in total)
Code: FD19
This manual emphasizes practical assessment and treatment and provides advice and information on this condition, filling a significant gap in the availability of suitable resources in this area.
A fantastic reference resource that summarises relevant literature and theory and provides detailed ideas on assessment and management.
Clear and simple strategies that can be carried out by teachers, speech pathologists , parents and psychologists.
Code: 68021
Suitable for Grades K-2
This amazing resource allows therapists to target a variety of speech and language goals in a group setting. The same picture can be used to target different goals for students who have a diverse range of speech and language abilities. This allows students to progress at their own pace with their individual goals. Areas targeted include:
• Articulation
• Vocabulary through concepts, attributes, comparisons
• Attention, listening and reasoning skills • Grammatical structures
Code: 7628
Suitable for upper primary and secondary levels
Each book has 11 reading passages and comprehension questions for Main Idea & Details and Vocabulary & Semantics with a final group of questions targets the comprehension skill for each book.
Code: 2829
Each pack contains:
• Book and a CD-ROM
• Each book comes with 30 black & white artic pages (8 initial, 8 medial, 8 final & 6 carryover pages)
• CD-ROM contains same pages found in the work book. Pages can be printed in colour or black & white.
• CD-ROM also contains 6 “master” pages that allow you to customize the activities.
Code: BKAQ01
Suitable for upper primary & secondary
Each page is a teaching tool, with a rule, clear examples, ample practice, and lots of humor thrown in to keep students’ attention. Grammar concepts covered include: nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections, sentences, complements, verbals and clauses. Teacher guide pages give you a starting point for each lesson plus enrichment activities.
Code: 2006
Your clients will improve their describing skills while theyenjoy making the babies match. There are 28 pairs of cards. These cards are also fantastic for encouraging questioning skills.
Code: FD10
Ready-To-Use Techniques For Teaching Reading Disabled Students
An extremely comprehensive and practical resource for diagnosis and intervention for all types of reading disabilities. This book provides easy to follow explanations of the causes of reading disabilities with 100 reproducible assessment tools and activity sheets for use with individuals, small groups or entire classrooms. A must-have for Special Needs teachers working with students from primary through to early secondary years!
Code: WX102
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