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• Magnetic game which targets language and listening skills
• Targets Following Directions, Deductive Reasoning, Giving Directions, Vocabulary, Auditory Memory, Storytelling, Basic Concepts, Categorisation, Rhyming and Listening
• Includes 10 game boards, game board stand and 10 magnets for each game board (100 pieces in total), 34-page reproducible activity book with a CD-ROM for easy printing
Code: GB182
180 Reproducible Prompts And Quick-Writes For The Secondary Classroom
Suitable for Grades 6-12
180 fun and ready-to-use classroom tested activities teach students key literary and writing terms like allegory, elaboration, irony, personification, propaganda, voice, and more! Contains writing prompts and sample passages in student-friendly language and offers a userfriendly, value-packed resource for teaching writing skills.
Designed for English language arts teachers, tutors, parents and learning specialists.
Code: WX111
Suitable for Grades 1-3
The Spotlight is on Vocabulary!
Unique, innovative learning books designed to help students learn and remember new vocabulary for spoken and written language. Each book is packed with reproducible pages, pre and post-tests, goals, objectives and answer keys for:
• Antonyms
• Associations
• Attributes
• Categories
• Synonyms
• Concepts
Six exciting books available.
Code: 2860
• Suitable for primary and secondary
• 60 factual social studies story cards to help students practice using their listening skills
• Each card front has a short story with three comprehension questions for the student to answer using information they hear in the story
• The card back presents an illustration of the story.
• There are two levels of difficulty
Code: FD109
Suitable for Grades K-2
Help students improve their understanding of different social situations and behaviours within the community as they answer “WH” questions. This Fun Deck includes 56 illustrated cards, content cards and game ideas.
Code: FD140
Suitable for ages 7-18
Effective treatment for students who stutter should focus on the entire stuttering disorder-not just the observable speech behaviours. This resource highlights skills and strategies that foster long-term success in all areas. Benefits
• Review skills and techniques that will expand your current therapy and validate existing ones
• Considers the impact stuttering behaviours have on a student’s communication in all environments, at all stages of development, and the people who are in their lives
• Includes and analysis of all phases of the therapeutic process, from assessment through dismissal, highlighting important clinical skills
• Includes techniques for tailoring treatment for each student
• Includes information about the effects of speech and language development on stuttering and how to address them
• Includes techniques designed to improve skills in:
• Changing how the client stutters
• Increasing fluency
• Reducing negative affective, behavioural, and cognitive reaction to Stuttering.
Available as a book or CD-ROM.
Code: 2733


Kim and Joey are back in this HearBuilder Sequencing Super Fun Deck with 144 double-sided, full-colour cards featuring 32 illustrated sequences for targeting sequencing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Students start with the three-step sequences and progress up to six-step sequences. The front side of each card has a Story Sequence (Ms. Garcia bought a new painting. She got a hammer and some nails to hang it in her living room). The back side has an Instructional Sequence (Get a hammer and some nails). Your students will have fun putting these everyday events in order!

Code: HBFD495
Suitable for upper primary & secondary
We’ve put the Spotlight on specific reading comprehension skills to give your students more in‑depth practice.
Each book includes stories and comprehension questions for detecting the main idea, identifying details, and thinking about the vocabulary and semantics. In addition, each book includes comprehension questions for a specific skill area. Each book includes questions targeting the specific skill area.
Code: 1824
Contains 207 pages targeting articulation and language therapy by combining 20 popular children’s books with familiar themes. Themes worked on include Dinosaurs, Circus, Our Bodies, Seasons, Farm and Oceans. Each theme section contains:
• 27 Vocabulary picture cards.
• Vocabulary word list from the stories.
• Stories with language expansion activities (categorizing, defining, describing, sequencing, rhyming, and functions).
• Five illustrated articulation and language games.
• Sound-based worksheets.
• Hidden picture page/puzzle
Code: BK272
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