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• Book, Test Booklet and CD-ROM
• Part one workbook practices regular past tense verbs
• Part two workbook practices irregular past tense verbs
• Also testing books with total of 160 verbs
Code: BK264
Suitable for ages 9-13
This new book for older students is designed to strengthen comprehension, memory of specific information, understanding subtle messages and describing daily events. The goals of these activities in this book are:
• To listen attentively to the short stories.
• To remember the logical order of the events.
• To retail the main information.
• To retail specific details.
• To remember subtle points of the story.
• To remember time concepts in the story.
• To remember two and three part stories. (Resembling remembering chapters in a book.)
• To retell the main ideas in sequential order.
Code: G859

Fantastic combo that will teach verbs, sequences, prepositions & opposites. Total of 512 illustrated cards.

8 decks of cards:

Deck 1 – 4 Verbs (32 pairs in each deck)
Deck 5 – 6 Opposites (32 pairs in each deck)
Deck 7 – Sequencing (16 x 4 step stories)
Deck 8 – Prepositions (32 pairs)

Code: WVC888
Test of Reading Comprehension, 4th Edition
Code: 9279
• Colourful photo cards
• Let your imagination run wild with this product line
• Sky is the limit on how you can use these cards
• All decks come with game ideas, just in case you get stuck!
62 pairs of photo cards.
Code: WFC02
• Easy to understand who, what, where, when and why questions
• 28 match-up question/answer cards per deck
• Each deck contains 56 colourful cards
Code: QC033
This assessment provides methods to direct and structure observations in order to monitor and gauge the child’s progress in language developmental areas. Information is gathered from direct observation, elicitation and direct report. Severity rating guidelines help interpret criterion-referenced results and determine the severity of the child’s delay.
Code: 4110
Ready-To-Use Lessons And Activities That Make Grammar Fun!
Over 60, fun-filled, reproducible lessons begin with helpful teaching pages that define, explain, and illustrate grammar and usage. Lessons and activities include diagnostic tests, section-review activities, final tests, and over 100 other creative reinforcement activities. The book is divided into six sections:
• Parts of Speech
• Parts of a Sentence
• Sentences
• Usage
• Mechanics • Meeting the Tests Head-On
Code: WX116
120 story cards that focus on identifying the main idea in paragraphs. Two levels of difficulty. Level One cards are 3-4 sentences long. Level Two cards are 5-7 sentences long. Students use a decoder device to check their answers.
Code: FD82
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