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If you loved the original Fun with Language then you will love Book 2. Completely reproducible and great to give parents for home practice. Suitable for Primary.

The worksheets expand on the skills in Book One and are designed to address skill areas on current assessments:

  •Following Directions  

•Comparing and Describing   


•Understanding & Expressing Emotions

•Reasoning Skills

•Temporal Concepts

•Basic Concepts


Code: 11057
Suitable for upper primary and secondary levels
Each book has 11 reading passages and comprehension questions for Main Idea & Details and Vocabulary & Semantics with a final group of questions targets the comprehension skill for each book.
Code: 2832
Suitable for Grades 1-5
Help students with Autism Spectrum Disorders or language/learning disabilities to understand a variety of different social situations. Instruction methods of explicit teaching, modelling, observation, role-playing and guided practice are used in this series to develop appropriate social skills required for successful social interactions.
Code: 1855
Suitable for ages 5-9
This book is intended to help teachers and speech/ language pathologists bridge the gap between language and math.
Not only do children meet words representing math concepts in their math curriculum, they are faced with understanding and talking about math operations. What a challenge for our language students! Many of the activities in this book draw children into simple math operations and encourage them to “talk through” these operations.
Code: CP022
Suitable for upper primary & secondary
We’ve put the Spotlight on specific reading comprehension skills to give your students more in‑depth practice.
Each book includes stories and comprehension questions for detecting the main idea, identifying details, and thinking about the vocabulary and semantics. In addition, each book includes comprehension questions for a specific skill area. Each book includes questions targeting the specific skill area.
Code: 1827
• 100 stories that target the sounds: S, R, L, SH, CH, TH and S/R/L Blends in initial, medial, final & combo positions.
• 2 Story levels; one for younger children and one for more advanced students.
• Each story comes with an activity sheet which covers word, phrase, sentence and carryover levels.
• Contains pictures for target words so that non readers can take part.
Code: BK262
Preschool Language Assessment Instrument, 2nd Edition
Code: 9243
Let’s break a leg with figurative language! Match these 28 pairs of idioms with their real meaning and have a great laugh.
Code: FD14
Suitable for grades: PreK and Up
• The perfect game for working on phonological awareness!
• Targets rhyming, identification, discrimination, manipulation, blending, deletion, and segmenting of phonemes
• Has four levels of difficulty to allow for individual differences in groups
• This board game also comes with an electronic spinner and an 82 page activity book filled with follow up activities
Code: GB215
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