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Suitable for ages 9-14
Children need an adequate grasp of concepts to succeed in school and daily life. The essential concepts for each grade build upon one another in successive grades. When students miss out on these concepts, they fall further and further behind. 100% Concepts Intermediate teaches your older students the concepts they need to know to stay on top of classroom demands.
The following concepts are targeted:
• Location and direction – i.e. interior, exterior, region
• Quality or condition – i.e. ancient, modem, public, private
• Comparison – i.e. similarities, differences, equally
• Degree or extent – i.e. obvious, unusual, minor, major
• Time and occurrence – i.e. constantly, annually, since
• Size, weight, volume – ie shallow, expand, enormous
• Relationship – ie. alone, divided, joined
Code: 1000
Suitable for Grades 1 to Adult
This book provides detailed insight into the characteristics of various disorder types, identification and diagnosis, symptoms, techniques and strategies to support students.
• Levine’s First 4 Stages of Writing Chart outlining educational expectations, perceptual-motor development and characteristics for each stage
• Developmental levels of phonological awareness skills
• Reproducible writing activities
• Reproducible PEG pictures and poems to help students remember lists and sequences
• Remediation skills cover phonological awareness, sound/ symbol correspondence, decoding and encoding, spelling, the writing process and written expression.
Code: 2716
Suitable for Grades 1-3 This interactive CD-ROM targets the development of associations, antonyms, attributes, categories, synonyms and concepts. A step-by-step approach so students can master each skill! Features include: • 900 program items • “Second chance” feature enabling self-correction
• I llustrations to lessen the reading load
• I tems presented one at a time to prevent distraction
• Varied task types (matching, identifying words in context, selecting words from lists)
• One-on-one or independent usage
Code: 6028

A Resource of Reproducible Worksheets Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult-2 is designed for the student who needs to build useful, meaningful vocabulary to succeed in everyday living. The author has developed the lessons for teenagers and adults who are reading at below-average levels. The vocabulary words included in these reproducible worksheets were originally submitted by students, who gathered them from newspapers and magazines that are accessible to most young adults. The students encountered these words but did not understand them.

Code: 10170
• This deck of 56 cards focuses on auditory association, word retrieval and discrimination skills; all which are crucial to language development
• Suitable for grades K-3
Code: FDA01
Suitable for Grades 1-5
Help students with Autism Spectrum Disorders or language/learning disabilities to understand a variety of different social situations. Instruction methods of explicit teaching, modelling, observation, role-playing and guided practice are used in this series to develop appropriate social skills required for successful social interactions.
Code: 2853


After putting the bait on the hook, he tried to ___ his fishing line. Ms. Trotter picked the ___ for the play. He is wearing a soft ___ on his ankle.

Which word fits all three of these sentences? Find out in Homonyms for Me 1-2-3 Secret Decoder Fun Deck!

Use this 180-sentence, 60-card, multiple meanings deck to increase your students’ vocabulary. Each card has three fill-in-the-blank sentences—plus three word choices! Only one word makes sense in all three sentences. Be careful, because some words will fill in two blanks, but not all three. Students can self-check their answers with the Super Duper Secret Decoder!

Code: FD150
Suitable for ages: 5 - 10 years
Your students will be “all ears” when they play these fun, fast-paced games. The newest edition to our 50 Quick Play series teaches listening skills divided into two levels. Clever game paths, game boards, card games, barrier games, and whole-body listening activities help you teach listening skills for:
• following directions
• absurdities
• concepts
• main idea
• emotions
• story comprehension
• oral grammar
• exclusion
• predicting
• auditory reception
• inferencing
• associations
• riddles
• paraphrasing
• phonological awareness
• details
• reasoning
Code: 1027
• 484 activity pages for: S/R/L (initial s/r/l blends), Z, SH, CH, TH, F, V, K, G, P, B, T, D, J, H, M, N and Y in initial, medial & final positions.
• 1,710 articulation word pictures
• Over 12,00 individual words, phrases & sentences
• Articulation Drill record form
• Progress chart
• Homework helper note
• Available as a book or on CD-ROM
Code: BKCD401
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